Built around AD 1300 and covering 20 km, Chan Chan is the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas, and the largest adobe city in the world.

Although it must have been a dazzling sight at one time, devastating El Niño floods and heavy rainfall have severely eroded much of the outer portions of the city, but the best option for a visit is with an organized guided tour from Trujillo or with a local site tour guide.

In this city we can see what comprising at least 10 separate units, with its walls built in adobe brick, are decorated with raised designs. At the centre of the city, which spans over 6km2, lie extravagant ‘citadel or palaces. These large architectural masterpieces functioned as storage, residence, mausoleum, temple and administrative centre.

This wonderful architectural jewel is worthy of admiration, take advantage of visiting it and we can know a little of our history.