Piura, the land of eternal summer

“The land of eternal summer” If you are only looking to get away from the routine, they have no competi- tion as therapy location for ralaxation and regaining energy, YOU SHOULD VISIT PIURA. Piura is located in the north of Peru, and shares a border with Ecuador in the north-east. Most of the land is […]

Chaparri reserve

Do you want to stay a fantastic day between nature and animals? So, you must visit Chaparri Reserve, here you can find a big number of wild animals such as: “oso de anteojos”, “pava aliblanca”, etc. Animals who stay in danger of extinction. If you like nature and plants you can find a lot of […]

Lambayeque, the evocative city

Lambayeque, “Land of great lords, delicious food and capital of museums of Peru” If you have a time to arrive the beautiful country of Peru, you must visit the warm city of Lambayeque, located in the northern part of Peru, where you will find an incredible culinary destination. Also, you will know about the history of […]