Lines Nazca

¿What are the Nazca lines? The Nazca lines, designated by the UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1994, are series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert in southern Peru. What’s the most striking of them? They’re the enormous ancient man-made figures of animals, such as the spider, monkey, dog, condor, among others. […]

Chan Chan

Built around AD 1300 and covering 20 km, Chan Chan is the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas, and the largest adobe city in the world. Although it must have been a dazzling sight at one time, devastating El Niño floods and heavy rainfall have severely eroded much of the outer portions of the city, […]

Archaeological park of tipon

Tipon is one of the most captivating archaeological sites in Peru and reflects how amazing and inspiring were the achievements of the Inca Empire; whose original name was Muyna in reference to the lagoon of Huacarpay, that was an important settlement. It is located near Oropesa in the Community of Choquepata, 27 km. to the […]


It is a splendid citadel, a sample of the architecture of the Incas very advanced for its time where it aims to provide protection walls. Having the opportunity to know Kuelap – Peru is ideal for people from 12 years old, to reach Kuelap you have to walk approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Take into […]

Inca Baths

Inca baths are located in Cajamarca east of the city, it is one of the tourist places easily accessible and safe. Inca baths have thermal water with temperatures above 70 °C (158ºF). This place is especially attractive for its thermal waters, but also offers beautiful natural scenery, accommodations and magnificent restaurants. The waters ha medicinal […]

The Misti Volcano

Misti Volcano has an altitude of 5825 meters and it’s located in the region of Arequipa, Perù. The Misti Volcano is the most popular symbol of the City of Arequipa, to speak about this volcano it is to speak about the Arequipeños and about their rich history. Thanks to this volcano and its acid eruptions […]