Inca baths are located in Cajamarca east of the city, it is one of the tourist places easily accessible and safe.

Inca baths have thermal water with temperatures above 70 °C (158ºF).

This place is especially attractive for its thermal waters, but also offers beautiful natural scenery, accommodations and magnificent restaurants. The waters ha medicinal properties for the cure of rheumatism diseases, nerve and skin conditions.

Inca baths have four sections: showers (19 compartments), collective pools (35 rooms), individual pools for tourists (58) and an private section with 19 pools.

The thermal waters of the “Inca baths” for the ancestors had a sacred meaning, especially in the famous Poza del Inca, which measures four meters long by four wide and has a depth of one meter and seventy centimeters. According to tradition, the Inca Atahualpa had the habit of relaxing in its waters, to recover strength before embarking on new days of conquest.

Also includes hostels and a conference room and modules for the sale of food and drinks and handicrafts. For its proximity to the city, there are abundant public transport, in addition to all kinds of services, and a level of security for tourists and families who visit this place.