It is a splendid citadel, a sample of the architecture of the Incas very advanced for its time where it aims to provide protection walls. Having the opportunity to know Kuelap – Peru is ideal for people from 12 years old, to reach Kuelap you have to walk approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Take into account the height of the Kuelap citadel to be located at 3000 meters above sea level, its access is safe and easy, hiring an adequate tour with the necessary experience there is no problem, the city of Chachapollas where Kuelap is located It is a nice place with friendly people.

Kuelap “The archaeological jewel of Chachapoyas”

lt is located at 3,000 meters above sea level and 72 km southwest of Chachapoyas  city, in amazonian “andes” of the Amazonas Department.

Kuelap, is a fortified citadel  that  watches from  above.  lt is  a millennial legacy  of the  Chachapoyas  culture,  which developed from 800 AD to 1470 AD. Its imposing walls, 19 meters high, are the reflection of advanced engineering and monumental architecture.

The Kuelap archaeological complex was designed to defend itself against other ethnic groups. Just look at its great lytic wall of three entrances that are narrowing as you move forward. In the end only allow the entry of a person.

In the interior of Kuelap you can admire up to 420 circular stone houses with friezes in the shape of diamonds and zigzag. From above, the green mountains show us the privileged nature of this place.

Travelers can opt for the service of the Kuelap Cable Car System (from “new Tingo” to “La Malea”) it wil1 take 20 min.  That system has 26 gondolas, for eight passengers each one.  Where travelers wil1 enjoy a wonderful view.  Also, travelers  wil1 save  time  and effort to dedicate to touring the citadel.

Getting to the archaeological complex is an adventure.