Lambayeque, “Land of great lords, delicious food and capital of museums of Peru”

If you have a time to arrive the beautiful country of Peru, you must visit the warm city of Lambayeque, located in the northern part of Peru, where you will find an incredible culinary destination.

Also, you will know about the history of this place with spectacular museums and monumental remains such as the pyramids of Túcume where there are more than 26 pre-hispanic buildings or Huaca Rajada where the tomb of the Lord of Sipán was found and you can visit the historic city of Zaña where you will see the historic rest of the viceroyalty of Peru as well as the legacy of afro peruvian culture.

This emblematic city of Lambayeque has amazing beaches such as Pimentel, Puerto Eten and others, where you can visit, bathe and take impressive photos.

But that is not all Lambayeque has a wonderful mountain range located in the province of Ferreñafe at
3078 msnm, you can visit cities such as Inkahuasi that has wonderful landscapes, souvenirs like bags fabrics in waist with totally organic colors and above all very friendly people.