The Peruvian Archaeological museum was inaugurated in the year 2002 by Walter Alva.

It is located in Lambayeque city from Lambayeque department (Peru)

It is a modern building constructed in the shape of a truncated pyramid of reinforced concrete, inspired by the ancient Moches shrines.

Where you will find in it’s inside true jewels of art in gold, silver and copper discovered in 13 mochicas tombs. You will also find the remains of Mr. de Sipan Who was the first great sovereign of Peru, inside the museum can observe the exact replica of the funeral chamber of the former dignitary Moche and know how was his culture, his customs, his main activity expressed in his riches jewels of gold and silver and gold copper, ceramics, clothes exposed in this cultural enclosure it´s technological achievements and it´s thought about the death, among others.

By visiting the museum you can immerse yourself in the c9ontext of the time thought panels, showcases and projections, observing the valuable pieces on display it is considered among the 10 best museums in the world what do you expect to know?